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Essential PHP Security Book

About Book : Security is an issue that demands attention, given the growing frequency of attacks on web sites.¬†Essential PHP Security¬†explains the most common types of attacks and how to write code that isn’t susceptible to them. By examining specific attacks and the techniques used to protect against them, you will have a deeper understanding […]

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PHP hebrevc() Function

The hebrevc() function converts Hebrew text from a right-to-left flow to a left-to-right flow. It also converts new lines (\n) into <br /> .

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PHP fprintf() Function

PHP fprintf() function writes a formatted string to a specified output stream. Syntax is fprintf(stream,format,arg1,arg2,arg++)

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PHP explode() Function

PHP explode() Function breaks a string into an array. You can use this syntax : explode(separator,string,limit).

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PHP echo() Function

PHP echo() Function writes some text to the output. You are not required to use parentheses with it.

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